Whether you are a prospective NFL player, collegiate athlete, high school athlete, or simply trying to improve your performance, New Athlete is the place to transform your body to reach it’s potential. 

Our facility is more than just a collection of equipment designed to build muscle, it’s a training system of high intensity to supra-intensity (high-speed, high load, high volume) training routines which target specific physiological traits; those associated with efficient athletic and/or human performance. These training routines are arranged according to their importance for the specific individual being trained. Once entering the New Athlete system, the athlete/client proceeds in a specific order through each of these traits as his or her physiology indicates. This is the only system that utilizes this specific method of progression to transform your body to maximize strength, agility, quick twitch, and stamina. While the latest trends and fads come and go, the New Athlete system delivers the one thing everyone aspires to achieve for all the effort – results.