The cornerstone of New Athlete is our ability to help the incomplete athlete and make them whole. Our approach is to not only restore, but more often than not, have our athletes come out more fit, better balanced, and better prepared for competition than prior to their struggles with pain and lack of performance. Our secret is simple. We do not focus on the end of the issue rather we attack the route cause of the movement issues.

  • We are an outpatient rehabilitation and performance center committed to our clients. We believe everyone is capable of growth and achieving individual goals with the help and direction of a devoted and knowledgable staff.

  • At New Athlete, we provide treatment sessions that fit your unique circumstances and situation. All therapy sessions are under the direction of our licensed Physical Therapist in our state of the art facility. Our staffs knowledge is largely rooted from the same science backed methodic so we are able to speak the same language and better serve you the patient, regardless of your needs.

  • Wether you’re visiting us through direct access or a physician referral, our experienced staff has the rehab and sports performance back ground to meet and exceed your needs and achieve your goals.

  • We utilize cutting edge technologies such as ARPwaves therapy to optimize your bodies healing environment. This allows for a dramatically faster recovery time. 60%-80% faster!!

The result is a New Athlete.

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