NEW ATHLETE is a totally unique training system that focuses on the athlete’s specific limitations via our FRA assessments, allowing for rapid improvements in their ability to absorb and produce force.

New Athlete Training is a system of high intensity to supra-intensity (high-speed, high load, high volume) training routines which target specific physiological traits; those associated with efficient athletic and/or human performance.

These training routines are arranged according to their importance for the specific individual being trained. Once entering the New Athlete system, the athlete/client proceeds in a specific order through each of these traits as his or her physiology indicates. This is the only system that utilizes this specific method of progression.


“We do not train in a sport specific, core dominated, or general fad mantra.”


1. We utilize proven research and science on speed and strength training as well as mobility that has produced World Class Results.

2. A combination of Eastern European Methodology and new aged research from elite Bio – Mechanists from around the globe, we have created protocols that will enhance all forms of movement.

3. NEW ATHLETE can catapult any athlete to the limits of their genetic potential because we train Movement Specific not sports specific.

4. By utilizing synergies between fundamental movement skills and current research in Terrestrial locomotion we can substantially enhance the way an athlete generates speed and strength.


We bring new horizons to high school athletes; give college athletes an opportunity to reach the next level, and bring elite stardom to professional athletes.