What are ARP Waves

ARP Wave Neurological Therapy is a rehabilitation tool unlike any other. ARP Wave targets the neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms, not just the physiological symptoms. The result is a better outcome, a faster outcome, and an outcome that can help prevent the pain from coming back. 

Why it works

Pain occurs because of the body’s inability to absorb force. The inability to absorb force is due to a neurological inability to communicate with muscles fast enough to allow the muscles to absorb force. ARP Therapy addresses the neurological origin of physiological symptoms, not the physiological symptoms.

The origin of pain or injury is not identified by symptoms, rather, symptoms are simply how an injury manifests itself. ARP Therapy treats the neurological origin of physiological symptoms, which causes the physiological symptoms to quickly vanish allowing the athlete to rehab if necessary, but also compete more quickly and at a higher level – pain free.