Once you have decided to make serious changes to your health and performance: the next step is to schedule an FRA (Functional Range Assessment) with one of the areas only certified FRA trainers. The FRA assessment is the only assessment system that provides a detailed map to the deficiencies you may have that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Okay, now what?

Choose the membership that best works for you. Once you have selected your plan, it’s now time to get to work. Your programs will be designed to improve your performance, and they will also focus on resolving the deficiencies found in your FRA.


What is New Athlete.

What New Athlete is NOT

New Athlete is a highly specialized training facility that trains specifically to the needs of each athlete. The goal is to develop the prerequisites needed to reach your full potential as an athlete. Workout structures vary between individual and partner-work when athletes share common goals, but each workout program is still tailored to meet your specific needs. This creates our culture of athletes working together to help each other achieve their goals. You will always be under the eye of one of our performance experts. You have the freedom to determine which days you train. Training session are not on a time limit.

We don’t write programs on a wall for the entire population of the gym to do. We don’t have a set routine for the entire group. We are not a conventional gym. Athletes are never on their own. We do not depend on high level athletes to give our facility or system purpose or validity. We are not a gym or system for everyone.